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90005-01 - Labconco Waterpro PS

Labconco Waterpro PS

This wall mounted system is designed to provide 2.0 l.p.m. of high purity water meeting NCCLS TYPE1 Specs. Perfect for general chemistry and biology applications. Includes dispense gun.
Replacement Filters
Operating Manual

Retail Price : $4,665.61
Our Low Price : $4,229.70

Use WaterPro PS 16-307-85 models for atomic absorption, flame emission spectroscopy and trace metal analysis. Type I water generated by these stations is also well suited for buffer and standard reagent solution preparation. All models include touchpad controls for selecting and viewing water quality megohm-cm, water temperature C, dispensing time minutes or resistivity setpoint megohm-cm on LED display. Type I up to 18.2 megohm-cm water is delivered up to 1.8L/min. depending on model. Water quality alarm flashes when resistivity falls below setpoint <=16 megohm-cm on LED. Automatic timed dispense allows unattended operation from 0 to 99.9 minutes. Continuous/intermittent recirculation maintains water quality and inhibits bacterial growth throughout system. Intermittent recirculation cycle is approximately four minutes every two hours. Combine reliable purification techniques with manual or timed dispensing options. Models offer valve discharge or valve plus gun dispenser for precise drop-by-drop control.

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