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50132385 - Pacific RO 3

Pacific RO 3

Science Grade Reverse Osmosis System

Thermo / Barnstead Brand Product

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Dimensions W x D x H 14.6 x 13 x 23.7 in 372 x 330 x 603 mm
Electrical Requirements 90 – 240 V, 50/60Hz; 0.1kW
Operating Pressure psi bar 29-87 2-6
Bacterial Retention 99%
Power Consumption 0.1 kW
Feedwater Connector 3/4" NPT
Salt Retention, % 98
Retention, Bacteria and Particles, % 99
Temperature Range 2° to 35°C
Weight 46.21 lbs. 21 kg
Feed Water Requirements
Source Potable tap water that has been softened or hardness stabilized
Silt density index SDI < 5, With higher values, a pretreatment #09.4000 must be installed upstream of the system
Conductivity, µS/cm < 1500
Prefiltration 5 µm + activated carbon
Free chlorine, mg/L < 0.1
pH-range 4-11
Temperature C° 2-35
GLP-Compliant Documentation
  • Real-time clock records system errors and faults
  • Collects four weeks of date displayed in clear text by ongoing data storage feature
  • Code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings
  • RS-232 interface with adjustable sender interval for customized timing of data transmission of measured values and faults to a PC or data printer
  • Cell constant of 0.16 cm-1 ensures precise conductivity measurements
  • Resistivity/conductivity clearly displayed on large back-lit control panel that tilts for optimum viewing
  • Clearly shows status of current operating mode: "production," "stand-by," "cleaning"
  • Reservoir fill-level shown as percentage %
Pacific RO Pretreatment


  • Two 10 inch 25.4 cm cartridge filter housings with a 5 µm prefilter
  • Activated carbon to prevent entry of particles > 5 µm and high concentrations of free chlorine
  • Hardness stabilizer cartridge which binds calcium and prevents its precipitation


Replacement Consumables Barnstead Pacific RO Water Purification System
Thermo Part # Description
22.0046 Reverse Osmosis membrane for Pacific RO 3, 7, 12, & 20 Pacific RO 20 requires 2
22.0087 Reverse Osmosis membrane for Pacific RO 40 requires 2
06.5201 5 uM prefilter + activated carbon 10 inch cartridge
06.5452 Hardness stabilizing 10 inch cartridge
09.2202 Cleaning Solution Europe/Asia Pacific
CMX25 Cleaning Solution North America
06.5006 UV lamp assembly for the reservoir with lamp 230V only
09.5002 Replacement UV lamp Reservoir


Barnstead Pacific Reverse Osmosis System with Tank

Shown With Optional Storage Tank

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  • 50132385 - Pacific RO 3

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